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Full support from Halkbank for women entrepreneurs who play an important role in economic development, increasing employment and organizing sales with continuous production!

“Women Entrepreneur credit” has been created to facilitate, encourage and encourage access to finance for women entrepreneurs who will start a business or start a business for the first time based on a business idea.

Credit Limit

Maximum credit limit available to women entrepreneurs;

Maximum £ 100,000 for women entrepreneurs who have established their business,
A maximum of 50,000 TL for women entrepreneurs (who have been operating for less than 6 months) who have established new businesses.
Women entrepreneurs will be offered commercial KMH (friendly account) with a minimum of US $ 5,000 and Commercial Credit Card (Paraf SME/Business/Artisan card) with a minimum limit of US $ 5,000 within the scope of the above-mentioned maximum limits.

Credit Features

Credit maturity; maximum 6 months Principal grace period, total maximum 36 months.
The loan can be used in equal monthly installments.
Grace period interest will be charged every 3 months.
During the loan term, Women Entrepreneurs will not be charged money transfer and EFT transactions.
Who Can Benefit

Women entrepreneurs are required to meet the following criteria when applying for a loan;

At least 50% of the total amount of natural person business or shares owned by women entrepreneurs as of the date of application, legal entity enterprises will be able to apply.
In order for a female entrepreneur to use the loan, entrepreneurs who have established a business or who use their residence as a workplace without establishing a workplace will be looking for a document indicating that they are a taxpayer obtained from the Tax Office in which they are registered.
A female entrepreneur requesting a loan must be actively involved in the management and activity of the business of which she is the owner/partner.
If more than one person meets the criteria of a female entrepreneur in legal entity companies, only one entrepreneur can be granted credit.