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Turgutlu History

Turgutlu and the exact area under the sovereignty of the Turkish entry XIII. Century. at the ends of the lead length is known to be a result of recent developments. Saruhanoguls takeover of the region by the 1300s must have occurred within the first ten years. Indeed, the Mongol invasion of Anatolia, numerous Turkmen neck has led the West to come to Anatolia Region, many Byzantine cities and towns in the end zone was in the hands of Turkmen. And for that very reason, which have solid walls that can withstand attack Turkmen had stayed a few cities. Them with a statement of the period in Byzantine sources, floods in Turkey have remained almost a case of islets, the city was one of this kind in Manisa. Saruhan Bey seized by Manisa when that does not have an exact date. The information available in the region by the Byzantines Turkmen mercenaries who mobilized against the Catalans after 1303, following the withdrawal from these areas of Manipur and the region is considered to be the captures. At this time Saruhan Bey seized the area until 1305, it is stated that conquer to 1313 in Manisa. However, these estimates of dates that go beyond the need to remind. 
Although it's only a matter is the fact that, compared to the surrounding settlements are the latest seized the city of Manisa. Therefore Turgutlu also found in the region was ruled by Saruhan before Manisa, Manisa activities to even Saruhan Bey had occurred for this reason. But there is an important question to be answered here. This conquest directing activities in the area of housing units under the name Turgutlu Did formed? 
Turgutlu location formed a housing unit that is not known for certain. Maybe Byzantine and small settlement units in the period before the name of a faceless considered to have here. However, even if such a place it is certain that broke in the late Byzantine period. Late Byzantine settlement here suggest that a single record in circulating at the beginning of our century Jewish authors Avram Galanti takes place in the book. Galante Jewish cemetery located here across Based on the tombstone dated 1391, is settling here during the Byzantine and Saruhan and Jewish groups also indicates that there is. In addition, for the years 1415-21 from gravestones would also bet. So now it is the correct material information, Turgutlu the Saruhanoguls period emerges as a residential space. Perhaps suffering a dispersed settlement in the scene by Saruhan a new settlement was established. But again strongly "Turgutlu" not "Turudl as" pass. 
This phrase was founded as a village of housing units have been established in what way and how and by whom it gives an important clue about making a residential neighborhood. Turudl is the name of a Turkmen community and therefore also establishing housing units that are carrying Turkmen. They probably should have come to this region during Saruhanoguls. But here dates from this period or allow any lack of work, on the other hand this place was not named in the records released to the foundation, a housing provider a little late into the scene could have taken place towards an era brings to mind. Ottoman rule during the development that started housing units, the fertile agricultural lands next to the Manisa interior region connects on the road have, therefore earlier date from an economically significant income had and even the sultan hassalar to have been included.