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Turkey? The European Union (EU) financial cooperation relationship which follows the Joint Monitoring Committee was realized in the year 2009 from October onwards the meetings, the Government of Turkey and the European Communities Commission of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) which are provided with Implementation of assistance in the Framework of the Republic of Turkey provided to the European Community About financial Aid Rules concerning Cooperation Framework Agreement? s, certification of origin of goods related to the problems encountered in the implementation of Article 23 with reference to the relevant regulations as stipulated in fulfillment of the requirements are specified. 


In this context, the European Union under the coordination of the Ministry, with the names of the then Ministry of Industry and Trade, Undersecretariat of Customs, Central Finance and Contracts Unit with our union representatives have been meeting with associates. 

IPA projects related to procurement contracts purchased under all goods and materials,? No preference rules of origin? According to the Turkish origin or Turkish origin have gained to certify that the Customs Regulations? Nun? No preference rules of origin? with the relevant provisions organized on the basis Certificate of Origin sample by taking the still for this purpose are in use, but by the Ministry of needs assessed as? domestic financial documents? place of a new document, the design of the preparation and also document the arrangement and approval procedures and principles regarding the identification of requirements to the relevant authorities are highlighted. Referred to the Ministry and institutions, the institutions in accordance with our laws, the printing of the document and the document's principles and procedures related to the approval of the arrangement, existing legislation has been decided taking into consideration the preparation of Birliğimiz. Ministry for EU Affairs, Customs and Trade Ministry and the Central Finance and Contracts Unit and other agencies prescribed by the by considering the factors Birliğimiz think? Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) Scope Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association Suppressed by the Turkish financial documents?'s Tanzim and for the Approval of the Procedures and Principles? with? Turkish financial documents? Our Union is prepared and approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, the processes related to document printing has been completed and printed documentation by Birliğimiz is intended to be sent to our room. 

Turkish financial documents printed by our Association November 1, 2012, Thursday has been used as. Our rooms by November 1, 2012 until May 1, 2013 from, Local Produce Certificate may continue to be used. To customer demands or preferences of the rooms, according to the Local Produce Certificate or Certificate of Turkish goods can be arranged. Transition period 1 November 2012? May 1, 2013, between both documents should make use of the Turkish financial documents in using the potential problems associated with the final decision of EU granted by the Ministry to have our Union, and the EU by the Ministry, our companies victimized without setbacks quickly to find a solution is intended. Therefore, the Turkish financial documents? Any trouble that may arise during the use of, our Union must be notified in writing immediately. 

November 1, 2012 from the date of the applicable Local Produce Certificate?'s Approval during the following links which are available for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) Scope Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association Suppressed by the Turkish financial documents?'s Tanzim and for the Approval of the Procedures and Principles? Then the document with the approval of Article 9 of about 8 paragraph by paragraph 9 of the first five paragraphs of the second, third and fourth paragraphs contained in the documents that may be submitted during the approval of the stated provisions are implemented. Since 1 May 2013, IPA Fund Tender document will not be used for domestic goods, the document will be used only for Turkish goods. After this date, even if the domestic financial documents submitted, the tender will not be accepted by the institution opened.

 - Katılım Öncesi Yardım Aracı (IPA) Kapsamında Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği Tarafından Bastırılan Türk Malı Belgesi?nin Tanzim ve Onayına İlişkin Usul ve Esaslar (01/02/2013)