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Certificate of Origin, edited and approved issuance of subject goods originating in countries where it is or what it deems the changes and processes so it is a document that states that the country of origin should be counted. Customs procedures between countries, existing trade agreements according to the provisions made ??when, for example, items sent in the country where the preferential customs regime to exploit or quotas limitation has been filled for determining the customs from the origin of the goods to determine the need. 
Exporters are regulated by an authorized representative or statutory; exporting firms are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and for some countries (usually countries of the Arab and African Continent) also confirmed by the consulate of the importing country (visas are). 
A territory extracted from the mines, agricultural products produced in that country, born and raised livestock and their derived products in that country held or hunted game animals and fish that country, flag bearing, and there are registered or recorded by vessels issued fish and other products with this of the products of this factory ships resulting article outside the territorial waters of seas from the bottom or from soil, the exclusive right to operate with that country issued by the agents, production process or use condition obtained from the residues mentioned above from the article or at what stage regardless of their derivatives obtained all goods, originating in these countries are counted. 
Goods in another country sees the changes and processes so that country of origin to be considered, such changes and transactions at the end of the value of face to face increased by the presence or tariff positions have changed or that country, substantial changes can be considered an important work and not be processed is required. (No. 14263 dated 01.08.1972 in the Official Gazette No. 1615 promulgated the Customs Law) 
5174 Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Act? S Article 56 (y) in paragraph as indicated, certificates of origin, movement certificates and certificates printing, distribution and implementation services related to the Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association and is implemented by. 
This law, in accordance with item, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association, Certificate of Origin?'s International rules according to the publication and its member B to the distribution, ensuring that exporters of these documents are the best way to provide access, the problems encountered, related institutions and organizations and in consultation solves. 
Certificate of Origin team in 2009 by TOBB 733,850 were sold in the rooms.