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Industry, Agriculture and Education To City 
· Institutionalization of social satisfaction and professionalism in service delivery, adding value to the success of ATR, 
· Job ethic and devotion to the law, which protects the 
· Contemporary Industrial technology systems and introduce our members, providing support to the development, 
· Each of our traders industrialists in the sector which is also appreciated as an institution; primarily contributing to the development of our county and our country, a region, a district of integration with the world and the country of destination to take if our belief that, in this day and we are looking at the future with confidence. 

· Our members; beyond the needs and expectations to provide fast and accurate service. 
· Our members; B, high trade relations with each other and the community makes this dominant ethic. 
· Our members; Apprenticeship and for continuous development, using modern technology and expert on the subject by taking advantage of the system to inform you of the professional. 
· Our members; creation of sustainable competitiveness and increased competitive advantage sources consults for the point. 
· The region for the development of our business community to take an active role. 
· Our region, our region and our country's economic and social development in order to undertake activities and projects to produce. 
· In line with our country's development goals; development in our region and our region to work in harmony with the central government. 

Our members; in the protection of rights and interests, in informing, supporting and taking into account in the further development of our legal and social obligation to strengthen our corporate identity solution-oriented and accommodating. 
Our organization; 
· Corporate uninterrupted economic services in accordance to the laws, 
· Services to be given the shortest-fast and purpose to perform in the process, 
· Outgoing giving priority to quality in every service possible to reduce to zero errors, 
· Our members through training of our staff and to contribute to the continuous development of our institution, 
· Members to keep the high level of satisfaction as its policies have been determined