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Climate Turgutlu

Turgutlu district, is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. This is due to the influence of climate, summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. Snowfall and freezing events are rarely realized. The average annual temperature is around 17 ° C. Average Minimum Temperature 3 ° C, average highest temperature 31 ° C is reached. The highest temperature of 44 ° C was determined as in July. Daily wind data were analyzed, the highest frequency (30%) belong to the winds of the western sector. After that come the southwest and northwest-way air flow. Turgutlu the average relative humidity values ​​during the winter, 70-75%, the lowest in July (44-49%) is realized. Cloudiness values ​​are generally low. From 5.3 to 6.4 during the winter months in the spring, the cloudiness values ​​between 3.6 and 5.3, in the summer (August) 1.1. values ​​as low as reach. Turgutlu and surrounding areas, resulting in years of rainfall occurs in winter is an important part. Summer when I entered the region comes under the influence of dry air mass. The average annual precipitation is 660-670 mm. level.