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Create a structure of agricultural land in total 140,129 of the principal crops; grape 42,658 in cotton 709-a, wheat 20,019-a, egypt 28964-a, clover 934-a, fig 2321-a, olive 11,609 in cherry 12500-a, tomatoes 6570-a, peach 2497-a 'dr. 

As of 2008, 121,020 in irrigated area is irrigated by canal irrigation associations in the area is 33758. This 17.000.000m3 amount of irrigation water to the study 'species. The distribution of irrigated area and cropping pattern; 23886 bag, the corn in 5424, meyve3.470, the vegetables in 820, 87 in cotton, olive 71 is also. 

Herbal products for the production of products in the field; grain production; 8,008-tons of wheat, 64,864-tons of corn, fig 348-ton, 35-tons of tobacco, cotton 284-tons. 

Vegetable production; 35,370-tons of tomatoes, peppers 4,200-ton, 270-ton melon, watermelon, 160-ton, 1,760-tons of cucumbers, eggplants 175-tons. 

Fruit production; grape 19,197-ton, 4,180-tons of olives, cherries 12,500-ton, 9,900-tons of plums, peaches 1,875-tons. 

The number of livestock businesses; 3,258 cattle, sheep + goats, 210, 151 free, flying is kümesi139. these animals affected and the present; 13,124 cattle, 9,487 sheep, 4,785 goats, winged 1,393,500 pieces. 

Food-agricultural Industry With a certain infrastructure is still to come at the beginning of the industry is developing. World brand TUKAS ie row, lidya-baktad-AKTAD-natural-leopard-burakcan-tezel etc. canned-corned-sauce-grilled, and ready-cuisine food manufacturing firms the number day by day increase. 

Forest areas; NEW 12,279-ha ponderosa forest preserves, protects larch ormani 2321-ha-ha of protected areas 3475, 5551 ormani COPPICE mesa-ha-ha, etc. 47,358 Full fields. including the total 76.581h is. 

Course of 2008 in a 64-ha, 18-ha artificial regenerations carried the program, 50,000 larch, ponderosa 1200, 2000 newly planted pine. 

Enval produced amount; logs 280-m3 of mine poles 50-m3, industrial wood 770-m3 pulpwood 495-m3, rough pulpwood 6575-st, fiber chip wood 2595-str, coniferous firewood 150-ster, leafy firewood 6250 str 'dr. 

Earth industry is the largest producing region of our country in terms of intensity. In terms of quality due to the very high quality of raw materials across the country "Turgutlu brick", covers the brand. Board of factory production capacity, production of goods across the country about 15% of annual soil assumes a 

Soil density of industrial plants, as well as industry and developed some vegatablesare responds to all production regions. In addition, the transport of bricks produced constitute an employment arm. Soil industrial, industry, transportation and indirect transactions affected individuals and in the light of a portion of the nearly half of the population constitute the source of income. 

Due to the economic recession, currently installed 10 of 60 of them are completely closed brick factory, with a capacity of 10 to 50% of them are not working, the annual average of the remaining part of the study is located at around 20% capacity. 

Machinery and manufacturing industries have developed infrastructure is about. Soil industrial machinery, automotive spare parts, reducers, agricultural spraying machinery, construction machinery and molds, assembly platform-workshops with groups of manufacturing of mechanical and battery powered pallet truck, comes at the beginning of the machinery produced products. 

Turgutlu ı.orga Industrial Zone 3km away from the district center, Izmir-Ankara highway frontage 2,700, the total area is 162 hectares. Industrial plots total area: 1.010.000m2, social-green fields, paths etc. aritma-zoning: 610.000m2 

Turgutlu I. OSB; 45km to Izmir, Manisa, 26km, 60km to nearest airport Adnan Menderes, Izmir Free Zone 65km, Aliaga Refinery nearest airport 80km, 4km from Garin is Turgutlu FDI, is a center full. 

2.740.646kwh electricity consumption in the region of 2008, monthly natural gas consumption is in the vicinity of approximately 1.500m3 3.750.000m3 'luxury water tank is available. 

The company's food distribution sector in the region of 40 to 14, the machine 19, and the other five pieces have focused ceramic 2. 

Fatih Small Industrial Sites I.Stage of 143 establishments, II. Section 439 of establishments, II. Section 917 establishments, including establishments 2nd Stage 335 is available. 

Sekildedir occupational groups belonging to cooperatives. 

Metal is ısleritam ısleriagaç Affairs 

a) Tornac a) Auto Repair a) of Furnishers 

b) Cold Blacksmith b) Auto Electrical b) Carpenter 

c) Metal Goods Manufacturing c) Auto Body c) Auto Karasar 

d) foundry d) Auto Paint d) Hizarci 

e) Auto Upholstery e) Atl Car Repair 

f) Auto Tire f) Matbaaci 

Electrical ısleridig of Duty 

a) Electrical Appliance Repair a) Manufacture of Plastic Goods 

b) Nikelajc b) Manufacture of Shoes 

127884 Electricity Consumption industry, authorities 4473683, 1043703 state-owned, commercial 28894416, 15463547 agricultural irrigation, santie 5186125, mesken71.067.005, general lighting 4098444, 1095912, social aid agencies including 131.450.719kw / h. 

The total number of students in schools, including public and private 27,025, while the number of teachers in public schools 1263, a total of 1,387, including 124 in private schools is. Primary school classrooms in high school and equivalent to 32 per student is falling. 

42 official, 44 primary schools, including two private, two public and three private kindergarten to 5 units independent of the total number of institutions including Primary is 49. 26 of these schools in the district center, 23 villages and towns. 

Number of secondary education institutions in the center of the county; 1 Fen, 2 Anatolia, the second high school, one Girls Vocational, 2 Industrial Vocational, 1 Trade Job, the first Imam and Preacher, one Health Professions, 4th Special totaling to 15. These the beside, 1 Public Education Center, 1 Vocational Education Center, 1-Application and Business Education Training Center has the. Also in fertility due to the Directorate General Teaching Girls Technical High School has the Multi-Program. 

The county police department Police Station 2 is available. In 2008 have consisted of 3,465 public order offense, the offender when determining 2696, 769 were recorded as unsolved. Number of registered motor vehicles; 16,906 motorcycles, 8,995 cars, 536 vans, bus 463, 3743 vans, trucks, 1,490, 4,184 tractors, 107 trailers, 17 special purpose vehicles, tank 30, a total of 36,501 30-terrain vehicle is. 

Community health center connected to one state hospital, a total of 17 families, including 11 center-six village health center, 1Specification units, 1 and 2 tanede112 ASH oral and dental health center and station are available.


Exporter Manufacturers;

Cem Toprak San. Mahs. San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Tarim Ürünleri Çarsisi No: 14

Daskan Tarim Ürün. San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Gürsel Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 115

Dogus Genel Mak. Teks. San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Çepni dere Köyü Seytandere Mevkii

Çarsamba Tarim Ür. San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Ankara Izmir Asf. Üzeri Kaynar Mevkii

Orka Tarim Ürün. San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Tarim Ürünleri Gida Çars. Yani

Önder Lift Makine San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Ankara Asf. Üzeri

Turgutlu Üzüm Çeltik Isl. A.S.

Izmir Asfalti Üzeri No: 20

Tukas Gida San. Tic. A.S.

Istasyon Civari Kervanyolu

Lidya Kons. San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Eski Izmir Yolu Üzeri

Kudret Tugla San. Tic. Sti.

Ankara Asfalti Üzeri Turgutlu

Saban Yilmaz ve Ort. Tedsa Adi Kom. Sti.

Altay Mah. Piyaleoglu Cad. No: 165

Burakcan Gida San. Tic. ltd. sti.

K.S.S, 1839 Ada No: 48 Turgutlu

Yetkinler Oto Yedek Parça Ltd. Sti.

Avsar Köyü Turgutlu

Kartal Otomotiv San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Izmir Asfalti Üzeri

Çetinkaya Yedek Parça Ltd. Sti.

Cezaevi Yani Turgutlu

Gürer Makine

Kaynar Mevkii

Ege Redüktör Ltd. Sti.

K.S.S. 1838 Ada 111 SK. No: 81–83

Yönet Oto Moped Yedekleri Ltd. Sti.

K.S.S. 1840 Ada 113 SK. No: 81–83

Seramiksan Tic. A.S.

Ankara Izmir Asf. Üzeri Turgutlu

Atik Hidrolik San. Tic. ltd. sti.

Altay Mah. Akgün Sk. No: 2A/101

S.S. 17 Nolu Turgutlu Üzüm Satis Koop.

Turan Mah. Atatürk Bulv. No: 120

Yakamoz Sirke Fermantasyon Ür. Ltd.Sti.

Turgutlu I.0SB