News  »  Frequently Asked Questions Within The Scope Of Circulars Dated 30.11.2020
Question 1. Can restaurants, restaurant-style eating and drinking places provide takeaway services during weekday curfew restrictions?
Answer 1: curfew and restrictions were brought in on weekdays with the circular dated 30.11.2020 20076 date; and date as stated in Article 2 of our circular dated 18.11.2020 19161, Diner, Restaurant, Cafe, cafeteria, such as eating and drinking places and ordering food online with company: after 20.00 hours until 24.00 pm or over the phone through online takeout ordering service will be able to continue.
Question 2. Will the activities of these departments be stopped in the facilities that have places such as swimming pool, hammam, spa, sauna, massage salon, cinema and amusement park?
Answer 2: according to Article 2 of our circular dated 30.11.2020 and numbered 20077, the activities of swimming pools, baths, saunas, massage parlors and amusement parks have been stopped until a new decision is made.
In this context, any restrictions that are not the main activity in the area of facilities/businesses for swimming pool, Turkish bath, spa, sauna, massage room, a cinema and amusement to be closed until a new decision is taken/service needs not to.
Question 3. How will sweeteners / bakeries operate during the days and hours when curfew restrictions are imposed?
Answer 3: restaurants and restaurant-style businesses;
- Sunday Saturday and weekends, 30.11.2020 date and 20076 according to Article 1.4 of our circular no. 10.00-20.00 hours in the form of takeaway,
- Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), according to Article 2 of our circular dated date and 18.11.2020 19161; 10.00-20.00 between the hours of come-pick up and delivery service, 20.00-24.00 hours between users in the form of a takeout by phone or through online ordering can give you.
During the days and hours when curfew restrictions are applied; desserts (only places where sweets are sold) and bakeries are also subject to the provisions of the circular on restaurants and restaurants.
Question 4. How will the travel of our citizens aged 65 and over and Under 20 who are booked in hotels or accommodation facilities be?
Answer 4: 10134 date and hotel reservation in 24.06.2020 citizens over the age of 65 within the scope of the circular, Hi-Line 199 of loyalty or electronically via the social support e-Government Gateway Ministry of Interior's e-application system subject to the reservation of accommodation for tourism purposes get a permit to travel via the start time within the period of accommodation with private and public transport vehicles with transportation to the facility will be able to travel.
Our young people and children under the age of 20 who have hotel reservations will be able to travel by private and public transportation without any permission, provided that they have a parent/guardian with them, provided that the booking of accommodation is booked within the starting time and the transportation time to the accommodation facility.
Question 5. Are Association/Foundation managers aged 65 and over in cemevs subject to curfew restrictions imposed for this age group?
Answer 5: cemevl of faith in carrying out their activities (dede, Association/Foundation Manager) aged 65 years and older; while curfew restrictions were brought in on weekdays and weekends and the days, are exempt from this age restriction cemevl to get me to go without any permission.