News  »  List of places and people exempt Curfew Restrictions

Certifying that curfew restrictions are covered by an exception on days when they will be applied;

* Businesses engaged in the production, transportation and sale of medicines, medical devices, medical masks and disinfectants, as well as employees here

* Production and manufacturing facilities and construction activities and employees in these places,

* Employees in the production, irrigation, processing, spraying, harvesting, marketing and transportation of plant and animal products,

* Companies and their employees engaged in domestic and international transportation (including export/import/transit) and logistics,

* Those responsible for the transport or logistics of products and/or materials (including cargo), domestic and international transport, storage and related activities,

* Hotels and accommodation and employees here,

* Animal shelters, animal farms and animal care centers, as well as employees and volunteer employees of these places, members of the Animal Nutrition Group created by our circular dated 30.04.2020 and numbered 7486, as well as those who will feed stray animals,

* Newspapers, magazines, radio and television organizations, newspaper printing presses, employees in these places and newspaper distributors,

* Fuel stations, tire repairers and employees,

* Vegetable / fruit and aquaculture wholesalers and those who work here,

* Bakery and / or bakery licensed establishments where bread is produced, vehicles responsible for the distribution of produced bread and employees here,

* Electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications, etc. maintenance of transmission and infrastructure systems that should not be interrupted, as well as those responsible for troubleshooting failures, as well as technical service employees with the requirement to document that they are on duty to provide service,

* Cargo, water, newspaper and kitchen tube distribution companies and employees,

* City public transportation vehicles (Metrobus, metro, bus, dolmus, taxi, etc.) driver and attendants,

* Dormitory, hostel, construction site, etc. those responsible for meeting the basic needs of those who remain in public places,

* Employees who must be present at workplaces in order to ensure occupational health and safety and the safety of workplaces (workplace physician, security guard, guard, etc.),

* Food and drink places and employees in listening facilities located on the edge of intercity highways, authorized by Provincial/District Public Hygiene boards,

* Freelance accountants, accountants, chartered accountants and those who work with these professionals due to upcoming year-end transactions,