News  »  XIII. International Investment Forum Sochi
Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union have received from the article, the State Department's reference to the notice, the Russian Federation (RF) Krasnodar Territory Governor by the RF Government, under the auspices of each year, the Sochi International Investment Forum of the 13 th this year, 18-21 September 2014 It is reported to be held on. 
Continuing with the article, these events are presented for information received from the Consulate General of Novorossiysk. In Sochi Olympic Park, located in the Media Centre reported to be held this year's Forum to be dealt with prescribed main title of the public administration responsible for the improvement of the institutions, the region's investment climate and development of new sources of investment to investigate that, late last February in Sochi performed 14 . Winter Olympics in turn constitutes one of the main issues to be addressed have been reported. 
The Forum last year, RF Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, along with Deputy Prime Minister and some ministers that included a large delegation attended and Forum 40 from more than 325 representatives and 937 journalists with more than 9,000 attendees watch is stated that . 
Southern Federal Region (GRFB) the most important international promotional activities have been one of, and investment / trading activities in relation to the efficient sharing of information allows that, furthermore, GRFB oriented projects for the forward-looking approach to offer, both in the RF, new business connections and contacts believed would benefit in terms of ensuring that facilities reported detailed information on the aforementioned forum I can be reached at.