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Thursday, September 10, 2020 -

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and T.C. Ministry of industry and Technology Cooperation, European Union (EU) funded "Resilience Project in Turkey in response to the Syrian crisis" as a result of the planned "Adana and Mersin Innovation Centers" Çukurova innovation ecosystem, product innovation in the field of problems that will provide realistic solutions to the design-oriented innovation competition applications were opened in the annex

In Adana and Mersin provinces, in partnership with UNDP and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Adana Chamber of Industry, Mersin Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Mersin Tarsus OSB cooperation, EU funded ‘Adana and Mersin Innovation Centers project’ to be held within the scope of the design-oriented innovation competition has started.

The main aim of the design-oriented innovation competition is to contribute to the production of innovative and sustainable solutions in food packaging for end-consumer and export within the scope of solving the problems encountered in the field of product innovation in Turkey and Çukurova innovation ecosystem.

In addition to cash prizes, successful candidates will be given various in-kind awards, such as product development and free use of the infrastructure of Adana-Mersin innovation centers, and detailed information about the competition it is located at.

Applications for the design-oriented innovation competition with a deadline of September 28, 2020 it will be carried out through.