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First Assembly meeting of 2021 held in tutso

Monday, January 25, 2021 -

Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TUTSO), the first Ordinary Assembly meeting of 2021 was held in the form of a video conference within the scope of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures.

The regular assembly meeting in January 2021, which was held by Video conference method, began with the opening speech of Yavuz Semizler, the speaker of the TUTSO Assembly.

Celebrating the New Year of the members of the Assembly, the speaker of the assembly Yavuz Semizler, 2021 year as a healthy and peaceful year, he said he wished to pass.

It was approved by the Parliament by reading the minutes of the parliament for December 2020. The approval of the trial balance for December 2020 was unanimously adopted.

The approval of the final trial balance, balance sheet and final accounts for 2020 and the release of the Board of directors were voted on one by one and accepted by the members of Parliament.

Faruk Aydin, chairman of the board of Directors of TUTSO, who made a statement in the Department of management's explanations, gave information about the work of the room.

Chairman of the board of directors Faruk Aydin, who stated that in 2021, as in the whole world, the number of cases has decreased in our country and vaccine studies have begun, said that they are longing for the days when the pandemic will end all over the world and we can meet peacefully and face-to-face.

Aydin, " I would like to thank TOBB President Hisarcıklıoğlu, who is very interested in our problems”

Stating that the pandemic is passing as an opportunity for some sectors and a crisis for some sectors, president Faruk Aydin said, “as Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and industry, we constantly communicate requests from our members to the TOBB and related institutions in written and oral form. Facilitating the activities of our members during this period as a follower of the issue to solve the problems has become one of the jobs we have been concentrating on recently. We are trying to solve the problems that will be solved locally by transferring the general problems to TOBB. We have a chance to communicate the problems to him and the relevant ministers personally through meetings chaired by our President. In this regard, our chairman of the board of TOBB, Mr. M., who gave us this chance and deals with the problems of the business world at an intensive pace of workI want to celebrate Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu's performance and efforts during this period.

Aydin, “We Continue Our Work To Solve The Problems”

President Faruk Aydin, who stated that there are still problems that concern the business world and are waiting to be solved, said: “work continues, especially on the receivables of the business world that are waiting in the public sector. We have requests for a base increase and a stock pardon. We're working to abolish the advance tax. The time-out process in business cases used to be 10 years, with our work reduced to 5 years. But now we are working to reduce this to 1 year. We are working to reform the provisions of the insurance agents regulation that victimize our agents. He is working to change the practice of e-foreclosure, there are efforts to get the farmer's energy payments once a year during the harvest period. Due to additional taxes on imports recently, the costs of our production inputs are increasing, which creates cost inflation, so we have demands to regulate these new additional taxes. These have not yet been resolved, but the issues that are on our agenda and the issues that work is continuing,” he said.

Aydin “We Signed Protocols For Our Members”

Aydin said, " again, we have recently signed supply chain protocols with Ziraat Bank and Halkbank with the work initiated under the leadership of TOBB. As Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and industry, we are also involved in these protocols. According to this protocol, within the limits determined according to turnover and creditworthiness, our members will be able to benefit from this system as both sellers and buyers. The aim of the system is to ensure the continuation of trade in a safe way by eliminating checks and similar elements and using the banking system for commercial commodity purchases, creating a structure where there will be safer and faster cash flow,” he said.

Aydin, " we are waiting for our members to benefit from the arrangement”

Aydin said: "structuring works are continuing with our members who have dues debts to our Chamber. The Tax Office allows our members who have left the job to delete all of the overdue interest in the event of principal payments by deleting the dues accruals after the tax Leave date, and we are waiting for our members who owe dues to our room to benefit from this broad and favorable arrangement in relation to this configuration, which allows us to delete all of the overdue interest in the event of principal payments of our members who owe dues to our room. Our members must apply to our chamber by February 26, 2021 for configuration,” he said.

Aydin, " We Have Given Support To The Fight Against The Pandemic”

Aydin said: "as a result of our activities in 2020, we have made savings by creating a net positive difference, that is, a surplus of income, and added the existing resource to our prudence. However, as part of the fight against Kovid, we have had in-kind assistance and support for many institutions in our district. We have supported our Police Department, Gendarmerie Command, Municipality, which serves our members, especially our health institutions, to address the needs and deficiencies in the scope of combating the pandemic,” he said.